Inka representant & messenger from the Andes in the North, healer, Inka mystic, and founder of “TAWA” international  Inka Andean Platform for awareness in the importance to return to mother Earth Wisdom & Knowledge, in this time of dramatic changes in humanity, that we called "Pachacutiq" ( The return of the great cycle).

TAWA work ideal for harmony, balance & peace whit nature, humans and all living beings. Pedro Inkari will help the group to make the necessary adjustments to integrate our energetic, emotional, mental and physical system to the newest accelerating energies preparing ourselves to the big changes we all already are experiencing.

The messages of the Inkas in this time is a message of hope, harmony and respect to life and its wisdom give us the basic keys to our collective realization towards oneness, abundance and a life in excellence.

Pedro Inkari

Inka Wisdom Workshop, Healing sessions.


  1. Berlin- Germany 03-04 Dec *See Info

  2. Inka healing sessions Berlin Dec 05-09

  1. January 2012  TAWA EXPEDITION & SACRED JOURNEY to the Andes! Contact us for Info & registrations.

TAWA Inka Andean international  platform, working for peace, harmony and respect to Mother Earth

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What can Inka Healing do for you?

Help to transform and heal physical, emotional,  mental and energetic issues in your system.

Empower your creativity and create Joy In Your Life.  Develop Your Capacity To Give And Receive the natural  flow of energy (Love, healing, abundance, wisdom, realization)

Helps You reconnect with the natural forces and wisdom of nature and Manifest Your Highest Dreams.

Individual sessions (40 min) are available before and after the workshop.

Be sure to reserve your healing session in advance with the contact person of your region.


For over five thousand years, different cultures in the Andes produced psycho-acoustically tuned ceremonial Instruments which produce vibrations that induce and expanded state of consciousness different from anything known today. When the Europeans conquistadors from Europe entered their land. They did not share the sacred sound experience with the invaders. For hundred of years this

sacred sound healing form have remained silent, waiting for this point in history to reawaken and be share it.